MyPrepaidCenter Login & Credit Card Activation

MyPrepaidCenter is a certified financial podium which is merging the different brands of prepaid card issuers. And the cards included in this are Visa credit card, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. So the purpose of this portal service is to provide the conveniences to credit cardholders in the United States and Canada.

However, if you have a credit card of any of the above mention brands then you can check your card’s balance, transaction history, owner details, billing address with the help of MyprepaidCenter.

All you need is to log in to your account and then navigate to the dashboard to find all the details of your all cards under one portal.

So you are welcome to this authentic website of the check balance and activation guide.

MyPrepaidCenter Login and Credit Card Activation Guide

In addition, you can log in to your MyPrepaidCenter account and check your remaining balance and all other transaction histories as well. So here are some of the basic information about the company and bank which is issuing the credit cards for MyPrepaidCenter.
Co-operation/PartnerBlackhawk Network, Inc.
CountryUnited States
Phone Number (US)+1 877-227-0956
HeadquarterTexas, USA
Issue BankMetaBank
ServicesPrepaid Cards, Credit Cards, Gift Cards

Further below you will see all the guidance for login to your account and all other things and also problems you are facing regarding the use of debit cards.

Activate your Prepaid Card at

MyPrepaidCenter Activation
MyPrepaidCenter Activation

So you get your new debit card and you do not know where and how to activate it? Don’t worry at all, because we are at your service.

  1. First of all, hold your card and laptop/mobile in your hand and visit the website
  2. So now choose your native language, there are three languages available to switch between, English, French, and Spanish
  3. Now click on “Create a Profile”
  4. Here on the next page, you are set to enter your card number and personal details like:
  5. Your first name, last name, card number, card expiration date, security code or CVS code, username, email, password, security questions
  6. Now you are on the next page where you need to enter a PIN which will be sent in your email inbox, so check it
  7. Once you enter the valid PIN you will be ready to use your card

Congratulations, you are all set to go, and most importantly you can use your newly activated prepaid credit card anywhere where it is accepted.

How to Login to

MyPrepaidCenter login
MyPrepaidCenter login

And now comes the best part about the MyPrepaidCenter, that is you can check and manage your prepaid card just by login to your account. And for this purpose, here is a guide for you.

Follow our instructions below

  1. Visit the official site so you can log in to your account
  2. So you would be at the main page of the login section
  3. So here you will see two options on the left and right side
  4. One option is for login to your existing account while the other is for new cards activations
  5. Also, You need to fill up the login side boxes with details like username and password
  6. Then complete the captcha challenge and click on the login button

Forget Username or Password for MyPrepaidCenter?

So do you forget your username or password for login to your online prepaid center account? Don’t be fretful, because it is very common and harmless.

  1. Click on the forget username link or if you have forgotten the password of your online account
  2. Now for the recovery of the password, you will enter the username
  3. For the recovery of username, you need to enter the email address that is associated with your prepaid account
  4. On this step, your forgotten username/password can be reset
  5. Also, you can log in to your prepaid center account with your credit card number and details

Isn’t it easy? Of course, this is as easy as one two three…

Check MyPrepaidCenter Balance Online

For the purpose of checking prepaid card balance here is a complete guide

  1. Log in to your my prepaid center account
  2. Provide your card details if you haven’t registered before
  3. After login, click on your particular card in order to check the balance or transaction history
  4. Once you clicked it, it will show you all the available balance in your prepaid card, your last transaction details, and subscribed payments

About MyPrepaidCenter

Blackhawk Network

My prepaid is a cooperative operation that is being run by Blackhawk Network, Inc. And Blackhawk Network is a company that is serving for driving the sale of products via introducing rewarding programs.


MetaBank was introduced in 1954, it is the holding of Meta Financial group. My prepaid center is issued by MetaBank.

So here are some of the basic information of MetaBank

Founder Stanly H. Haahr
Industry Finance
Area serving International
Founded 1954

Benefits of MyPrepaidCenter Credit Cards

Credit and debit cards are always convenient for shopping, dining, paying taxes, paying utility bills, pay for gas and fuel and at this time, there are two most commonly used brands in the world for issuing debit and credit cards. So one is Visa and the other is MasterCard.

So using MyPrepaidCenter makes it easy to check your card balance, recent withdrawal or transaction history and many more. Moreover, no matter which credit card you are using or who is issuing it, you can check your card details at any time, anywhere.

Hence there are so many perks and conveniences of MyPrepaidcenter. And some of the very cool features are below.

Partners Webistes of MyPrepaidCenter

Here is a list of companies that are associated with MyPrepaidCenter.

MyPrepaidCenter Partner Website Addresses

MyPrepaidCenter Contact Phone Number

You can contact to the prepaid center on the following helplines:

Visa Cardholders Dial:

  • 877-610-1075 for the U.S & Canada
  • 801-214-8892 for outside the U.S & Canada

Stolen & Lost Report Helpline:

  • 877-227-0956

MasterCard Cardholders Dial:

  • 888-371-2109 for the U.S. & Canada
  • 339-234-6415 for outside the U.S. & Canada

Mailing Address:

State Highway 121 BYP

Suite 200 Lewisville, TX 75067


What is MyPrepaidCenter?

MyPrepaidCenter is a platform of different prepaid cards. And on this platform, you can check your balance, recent transaction details, withdraw history of your prepaid cards.

How to activate the card at

If you want to activate your card at MyPrepaidCenter then you need to log in with MyPrepaidCenter. And then activate your card.
Enter your card number
Enter card issue date
Enter Security Code
Fill up the captcha and log in
Your card would be activated