Nicholas Altimore

Hello and welcome to my blog, my name is Nicolas Altimore. I am a professional blogger and also a professor at Colorado Technical University. I am a professor of Finance and Business administration and I did a Ph.D. in Finances and Business.

I have 10 years’ experience in finance, marketing, and business. I also have 8 years’ experience in blogging and eCommerce. Now I am working for my fellows and newcomers in this blogging field.

Before getting into this business, I was nothing and always want to do something for my country and peoples.

I started this struggle for the purpose of:

  • Making a free course for the newbies
  • Helping other hard work bloggers to make their efforts fruitful
  • Providing the platform to new bloggers
  • Try to give inspiration to my fellow bloggers
  • Sharing my experience and success stories

In College Days

Getting such success wasn’t so easy. In the beginning, almost every person discourage me expect some of the close friends and of course my family.

But I kept my determination strong and never lose hope during my struggling period.

School/University Degree
Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School Secondary Education
Ross School of Business 2 Years of Business Degree
University of Chicago Booth School of Business Ph.D. in Business & Finance Spinalization

After passing high school, I went to the Ross School of Business and studied business and finance there. During business school, I had faced so many struggles.

I wasn’t a rich dad’s son and never had enough money to pay even my school fee on time. I did a dishwasher job in a domestic restaurant for four years. My school fees and home dues were paid by my part-time job’s seller.

That’s how I completed my degree and became a business & finance specialist.

My Biggest Dream of Life

Although I was studying business until I get admission to the university, I was not much passionate about business. After passing in Finance College, I went to The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and there I did a Ph.D. in Finance and Business specialization.

In the university of Chicago, I realize that I can be a great businessman if I try hard to learn it. I started selling notes at my university so I can fulfill my studies dues.

After quitting the dishwasher job, I started to sell burgers in Chicago. I started my own little business and that was amazing

In just a short span of time, I earned a handsome revenue just by selling the harm and cheeseburgers. That was a period when I realized to do business instead of jobs.

My first biggest dream and aim of life was only to establish a well-succeeded business. And I started to chase my goals.

My Ambition for Business & Finance

I always love to do business and that’s why I have created my blogs on the niche of finance and business. Currently, I am working on the internet and earning most of my revenue from blogging.

My mostly blogs are based on helping the people about guiding and helping them through my assistance.  This blog which is about MyPrepaidCenter is also a help and guide about the credit cardholders.

So now I am fully devoted my life to encouraging and helping people as much as possible in the field of finance. I am also a consultant for financial debts, financial issues, debt history, credit-related problems and insurance for your business.

You can ask me for help via email.

Online Business and my Passion about it

It is true that I was not an internet junkie from the start. Even after high school, I was only able to send emails or surf the web and nothing else.

My passion for my profession was developed or occurred a year ago when I was teaching at a university. One of my colleagues suggest me to try something new with the help of the internet in the field of commerce.

That was the moment I first thought about to run setup through the internet. Anyways, I kept his suggestion and started research about eCommerce, online business development programs, finance issues resolving and all other related things.

Soon I realize that there is something I need to do or even I have to do. So I decided to learn about the internet first, as I already knew about commerce and business.

After spending a hard time, I was able to launch my first blog which was based on how to grow your small business in big cities fast.

The response was unexpected, I really wasn’t expecting that response from the viewers and visitors. My inbox was full of emails in just one week. A lot of people were asking and requesting me to help them with their business and finance-related problem. And at that time, I decided to do something extra and special for them.

As a Finance & Business Strategies Guru

Now, I am very satisfied and happy with my work. I feel pleasure when someone takes advantage of my blogs and when someone’s problem gets solved with the help of my tips and guidelines.

Many people now call me Finance & Business Strategies Guru, which makes me feel proud. But this is all people’s love and respect for me and that what I consider my true revenue.

My Next Goals

I am finally a successful man and now my next goals of life are ready to chase. I want to expand my help and guide programs all around the world. I want to help poor and unemployed people from all around the world.

Soon I am going to start a mentorship for my all visitors and students. In my mentorship, I will guide you about the next level of business and what is going to happen in the next 10 years in finance fields.

I will tour some countries and do a seminar for all of you. Stay ready and learn as much as you can.

Have any questions? Need any help? Don’t be shy, just ping me on my skype or email.